Paul's Green power

Keeping the public informed on issues that affect their health is an ongoing communication. There is never enough information and there is never enough time to squelch misinformation that flies at us on a daily basis. We at GPOWS want to be a voice in the unending need to inform the public of our options in choosing greater well being.

With the consumer demand for organics growing daily, our aim at GPOWS is to keep our readers abreast of the latest news affecting their preferences. Even though the public has spoken, it is not always up to us when it comes to getting what we want. Oftentimes big industries like Monsanto have a heavy hand in what we will and will not get as the end user.

Lining the pockets of wealthy shareholders can easily take the priority if citizen groups are not watchful and ever vigilant. Grass roots organizations are the strongest weapon we have against large financial institutions who want to trade our health for their financial gain. Our governments from the local level all the way to the Federal ranks pander to the financial interest of their biggest contributors who come in the guise of Big Industry. Sadly, not all of our representatives always have their constituents’ best interests at heart. Some will sell us out unless we make enough noise in protest to their self serving practices.

For this reason we have resurrected GPOWS; GREEN POWER OFFERING WORKABLE SOLUTIONS to be another voice of the people. We will share developments that occur in and around the food industry along with news that benefits consumers in sustaining a healthy living environment. At GPOWS we will give you information that is fresh along with tips on how to maintain awareness for maintaining healthy food consumption.