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Buy Chemical Free Food

By   July 2, 2015

100 percent organicGPOWS Green Power Offering Workable Solutions

Green is the game, and it’s a high stakes game. The number of people and the expanse of industry that is affected by how our food is raised and processed is phenomenal. I don’t want to take every article and rant against Monsanto, but it’s tempting. The control that they exercise over the food industry is blatant, no longer just insidious. Their toxic contamination started decades ago with pestiides like the well know Roundup graduating to genetically modified seeds that the small farmer was forced to use.

Regarding the control of seeds to the farmer, if Monsanto suspects a farmer is not using their seeds according to their specific guidelines, then threats to sue the farmer and take away his livelihood are made. There are dozens of cases witnessed and on record of Monsanto representatives using intimidation to force their protocols on farmers and even localĀ fayetteville tree services. One would argue that if the farmer agreed to Monsanto’s rules in the first place then they must abide by the contract. Many farmers are wising up, but some are still caught in the Monsanto snare.

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